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(Verein zur Förderung von Kleinprojekten in Entwicklungsländern)


Association for the Promotion of Small-Scale Projects in Developing Countries Inc.

Northern Germany, October 2022

Dear donors,


Since it was founded almost 35 years ago, with your support, the VFKE has been able to promote and support many small projects in Asia, South America and Africa in the areas of education and self-help. Through our close personal contacts and friendships with those responsible for the project and often through our own on-site visits, we have been able to experience again and again how meaningful and sustainable help can be provided with comparatively little means. This work was only possible with your regular or one-off donations over the long period of time.

The times have changed. The travel activities of our association members, from which contacts, ideas and the support of the projects grew, have continued to decrease over the years. In recent years, for example, we have increasingly supported the activities of other partners that are worthy of support and trustworthy, verifiable, without abandoning our principles. These include the projects in Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Unfortunately, in recent years we have not been able to win younger members for the association and board work who could grow into the tasks, maintain private contact with the projects and donors and continue the VFKE. So, after a long process, we made a decision.


We will dissolve the VFKE at the end of this year.


In order to ensure an orderly process of dissolution, please do not transfer any further donations after this point in time and please end any standing orders that have been set up before
December 31, 2022. With the existing and currently incoming donations, the individual projects are supported according to their needs. We will report on this again in a final newsletter.

We would like to thank you for your trust and the often long-term support of our work and wish you all the best despite the currently difficult times.


The board of the VFKE


Holger Heitmann   Marianne Weide   Bernd Reinecke

Helmut Pagel  Ocke Dethlefsen